65.000 Meals a day: How food of the largest cruise ship is made at sea

The Logistics of the Wonder Of the Seas! More than 65,000 meals are provided every day on the world’s largest cruise ships Symphony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Disney Dream Cruise Ship and Iona Cruise Ship. Amazing shiplife. With the cruise companies’ dedication to providing top-quality services onboard, managing the entire operation is a major challenge for the crews, but the cuisine is even more demanding in some ways. With an increased number of guests comes to a higher desire for variety, and when you factor in the frequency with which meals must be delivered, the whole process can become rather tedious and complex.

The administration of the thousands of people on board, as well as the months of labor and planning that goes into providing the passengers with the best experience of their lives, from entertainment to lodging to food to cleaning and upkeep of those floating towns, will fascinate you. The management and techniques used by restaurants to serve and nourish all passengers and crew members, despite the diversity of nations, ages, and religions, are incredible.

During the season, cruise ships prefer to stick to fixed routes, stopping at each port for an average of 10 hours. The process of provisioning must be completed on time throughout this time frame. Few people get to watch logistics in action on a ship, yet it is critical to ensure that guests have the greatest possible experience.

The logistics required are astonishing, especially since cruise ships grow in size every year. Even a tiny cruise ship, like the high-end Viking Orion, with a maximum capacity of 930 people, consumes 5,000 eggs and 4,000 cups of tea every day, to name a few examples.

There’s also the laundry: 10,000 dishes every day and 14,000 bedsheets and pillowcases per week. With almost 900 uniforms pressed daily, the crew must also look professional. Consider what the numbers would be if the ships were much larger.

Consider the Symphony of the Seas, which is now the largest cruise ship in the world. On an average seven-day route, feeding 6,600 passengers and 2,200 crew requires 60,000 eggs, 9,700 pounds (4,400 kg) of poultry, 20,000 pounds of potatoes, and 700 pounds of ice cream. The list continues on and on, including the 450 cases of Champagne brought on board at the beginning of each tour.

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