Math Whiteboard is designed specifically for mathematics teaching and learning

Math Whiteboard is the First Collaborative Whiteboard designed specifically for Mathematics Teaching and Learning.

Math Whiteboard offers a fully functional math work space for students, teachers, and anyone else interested in turning their math knowledge into concrete concepts. The tool comes equipped with practical features that make math learning much more engaging. 

Math Whiteboard embeds a powerful computer algebra system that supports complex calculations. Besides typing, users can also sketch or handwrite their math equations and move seamlessly between sketches, graphs and solutions. You can also import your PDFs into the whiteboard and use the tool’s internal editor to annotate them. You can even “make your PDF assignment files your background’.

The collaborative features in Math Whiteboard allows you to share your whiteboard with students and work on the same workspace. You can create your own whiteboards to share with your collaborators. If you have a classroom blog or website, you can use the generated link to embed your math whiteboard in them. 

Just a few of the great things you can do with math whiteboard

  • Collaborate: Share the same collaborative math work space with your students
  • Graphing calculator: Math whiteboard is like a smart piece of math paper with all of the functionality of a graphing calculator
  • Write or type math: Math entry is easy with handwriting recognition or you can just type your math
  • Computer algebra system: A full computer algebra system enables calculations from arithmetic to calculus
  • Import pdf files: You can make your pdf assignment files your background
  • Runs in your browser: No installation required, it just runs in your browser on any device, ChromeBook, IPad, Windows Tablet, etc.

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