Why we’re more honest with machines than people

For a genuine conversation, consider talking to a robot; the less humanized, the better. Consumer researcher Anne Scherer shares her findings on why some machines get us to open up better than actual people, revealing fascinating insights about human nature that could lead to more honest interactions in our day-to-day lives.

Why you should listen

In her research, Anne Scherer explores how new technologies (eg. artificial intelligence, robo-advisors, social media) are changing the way consumers act and interact with businesses, and how these technologies should best be designed to realize their full potential while avoiding unforseen costs and dangers. In her mission to promote “better tech”, she mentors start-ups, businesses and NGOs to design today, what will be our future tomorrow.

Scherer also loves discussing these topics with her students at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, where she currently holds an Assistant Professorship in Quantitative Marketing. 

Article thanks to TEDeD

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